Garage Sale Saturday 9/30

The first St. Charles Borromeo Church Garage Sale takes place Saturday, Sept. 30th from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 31 Sidney Place between State and Joralemon Sts. Please circle the date the calendar. We are not accepting bags of donations. Instead, we are asking parishioners, friends, relatives, and neighbors to purchase items or buy a table which costs $25 to sell your wares. This is an easy way to declutter our homes, make some cash, and help local charities. Your participation helps benefit these local charities: Hour Children, St. John Bread & Life, and Providence House.

Church and Rectory renovation updates 9/17/2017

St. Charles Borromeo is happy to announce that we will be working to restore our beloved facility to its original splendor. As you can likely tell from the scaffolding that has been installed around the entirety of our church, we have already begun the process. The following is a summary of work that will be taking place over the upcoming months:

  1. All paint will be removed from the exterior facade
  2.  All exterior masonry will be repaired, restored and cleaned.
  3. Gutters and roofing will be repaired and restored.
  4. Protective window coverings will be replaced to allow our spectacular stained glass windows to be appreciated.
  5. Fencing will be restored or replaced.

We anticipate that the scaffolding should be down by Independence Day and the whole project completed by Labor Day of next year. This assumes average cold and snowfall during the Winter. We appreciate the support our neighbors and community during this process and apologize for any

Church Windows
Due to the skill and hard work of Juliana O’Brien and Shumel Pearl we been awarded a grant of $75,000 for securing the Stained Glass windows of our Church. With this Grant we will have received $225,000.

Rectory/Parish Office
The rewiring and plastering will be completed by the end of September. The office and meeting rooms are, however, already in use. Full computer and phone service will be restored by late October. We thank you for your cooperation and patience.