Homily – 24th Sunday Ordinary Time

So the number seven.

How many of you came up with a few things that involve the number seven? Very good. Some of you did. Who came up with seven days of creation – good. How many of you came up with seven days of the week? Pretty obvious. How many of you came up with the seven deadly sins? How many of you came up with the seven virtues that go along with the deadly sins?

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Homily – 23rd Sunday Ordinary Time

How many of us in the community this morning were taught by religious sisters or brothers or priests? How many of us had a good Catholic education? Are there sort of iffy, good, questionable? How many of us think that nuns and brothers and priests absolutely always get along, that they never have a conflict at all?

Well, that’s the way it should be, right? Everybody who lives in community should always get along, goes for everybody. Well, I have a little confession to make. Don’t get too excited. Not a big deal. But I don’t like poetry because usually I just don’t want to spend the time trying to figure out what the poet was talking about.

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Homily – 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time (Fr. Gibino)

Are we all familiar with the old saying If it’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right? Have we all heard that G.K. Chesterton, the very famous British author, theologian, philosopher and writer of the Father Brown Mystery series, have a little different take on it. He said If something is worth doing, it’s worth doing poorly because the value is in the doing.

Now, how many of us want to be perfect disciples? You know, following the Lord and everything you said and did doing it absolutely right. Never making a mistake. Are there any perfect disciples here this morning? Are perfect. It’s a very tricky thing. Now it’s very interesting. Who remembers last week’s gospel? Now you’re saying, I don’t even remember what I have for breakfast.

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Homily – 22nd Sunday Ordinary Time (Msgr. LoPinto)

You might recall that last Sunday, as we listen to the Gospel from Matthew, we were with Jesus and the disciples in Caesara Philippi.

And one of the things that happens there is that Jesus asks them who the people say that I am, and they give various responses. And then Peter stands up and says to them in response, In all of their place, he says to them, says to Jesus, you are the Christ, the Son of a living God. And Jesus responds that this is the rock upon which the church will be built, that this proclamation made by Peter a proclamation of faith.

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Homily – 21st Sunday Ordinary Time

So two questions. They may not seem to have anything to do with each other, but give me a moment first.

What is it that really makes you? Yeah, in the sense that you get nervous, you get insecure, yeah, you’re a little scared. And secondly, that’s the thought of space aliens do that to you. Now you’re saying space aliens, really? However, Saint John Paul II, during his reign as pontiff, started a special commission to examine the question, Is Jesus the Lord and Savior if we find life on other planets?

Now, that is a very interesting question. So how many this morning would say, yes, Jesus Christ is king of the universe, therefore he is Lord and savior of Mati, The Martian who agrees with that? Who says, No, no, not no. First, there is no such thing as space alien. And secondly, Jesus would certainly not be Lord and Savior.

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Homily – 20th Sunday Ordinary Time

Once again, it is a great joy to be able to welcome you for your daughter’s baptism today.

And it’s very interesting that because we’re celebrating the baptism today and we have these readings, I need to use a dirty word. Now, I know you’re shocked that I would use a dirty word in front of this baby, but the dirty word is change for how many of us is the word change? A six letter, dirty word. Ah, but in fact, we’re here today to witness to a great change, and as a matter of fact, to witness to two great changes.

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Homily – 19th Sunday Ordinary Time

How many of us have ever used the phrase, “It’s like rearranging the deck furniture on the Titanic.” How many of us have that sinking feeling. A good amount of the time that the ship is going down or that we’re in over our heads? In what? What’s over our heads? Well, usually our association is with water.

After last night’s storm, water can cause serious trouble, especially if you live in Queens County right now. But what we always know is that there is hope. Even though the waters may seem rough at times, even though we think we’re in over our heads, don’t we know that there is always someone there to throw us the lifeline? You know, the that little round float that will keep us on top of the water.

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