Homily – 7th Sunday of Easter

So, on this Mother’s Day for all of the mothers. But really, for all of the parents, since 2013, we have all heard one song over and over and over again. And children pretty much everywhere in the world have watched this movie over and over again.

They sing the lyrics, they dance to the song. It is heard, dare I say, ad nauseum. What is this song? What is the movie? Frozen. You guessed it. Let it go over and over again. Parents. Grandparents. Mothers. Everyone has heard the words. Let it go. And it’s very interesting that the main character of the movie, really the heroine of this story, sings it several times and she sings, let it go, let it go.

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Homily – 4th Sunday of Easter

So today we celebrate a trifecta. We continue the Easter season. We celebrate the Sunday of the Good Shepherd, and we are preparing for our Earth Day celebrations. Now, all of these lead us to ask ourselves a question. Now, the answer will be very different depending on each and every one of our worldviews. The question is this: is there any such thing as rehabilitation?

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Homily – 5th Sunday of Lent

How many of us drive cars? Show of hands, please. Who drives? And you willingly drive in Brooklyn? Interesting. Now, when we are driving, how many of us have come to complete rely on our Waze or on our GPSes to get us anywhere? Who now completely relies on somebody else guiding our journey? Me. Know how many of us this morning are always on time? Who is always on time? Who is sometimes on time. Who is never on time. Ah. See, there’s a little bit of everything. Well, what does driving the car, G.P.S. and being on time, what do they have to do with each other?

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