12th Sunday Ordinary Time – Homily (Msgr. LoPinto)

The first reading in this morning’s liturgy comes from the Book of Job, one of the more interesting and challenging books in the Jewish scripture.

And this selection that we listen to is from a dialog that’s going on between Job and God, has been terribly afflicted as he has lost family, possessions and is in great physical distress.

And so Job questions God as to why these things are happening to him.

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Trinity Sunday – Homily (Fr. Smith)

There are many things I will appreciate more post-Covid. Already, I have enjoyed seeing people’s teeth, especially their smiles. It is amazing how much a smile can bring to life. I appreciate what we are doing now: coming together to celebrate Mass, live, in person and able to exchange pleasantries on the church steps, something I would have taken for granted only a year ago. However, more important than these has been my greater appreciation of the Trinity.

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Pentecost – Sequence & Homily (Msgr. LoPinto)

Today, we come to celebrate the great feast of Pentecost.

It is, in a sense, the end of the great feast that make up the Paschal mystery.

First being the passion and death and resurrection of the Lord, second being the Lord’s ascension in heaven, and the third being Pentecost for the soul of the spirit and all of these which take place over a 50 day period, all of them have a purpose.

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7th Sunday of Easter – Homily (Fr. Smith)

There is nothing more important in life than who we love, yet it has been well said that we cannot explain why we love someone. If a husband were to say that he loved his wife because she was beautiful, she might indignantly answer “What happens if I lost my beauty?” “Would you still love me?” If she however told her husband that she loved him because he was a good provider he could well respond, “Would you still love me if I lost my job?” Why we love is a mystery because there is simply too much meaning to express in questions and answers. It is the stuff of poetry and drama not philosophy and science and the best even the most subline literature can accomplish is the hinting at the fullness. 

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6th Sunday of Easter – Homily (Msgr. LoPinto)

As we mentioned at the beginning of today’s liturgy, it is the sixth Sunday of Easter.

And so for six, seven weeks we have been singing alleluia, yes.

And I wonder sometimes since we do these things almost out of practice or what you might say habit.

Whether we ever really stop to think.

Why are we using this one word so frequently?

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