How to use the Hymnal Missal

In November 2019, we introduced our new Hymnal Missal, Gather Third Edition. In addition to having the updated Order of Mass texts, it provides a much expanded selection of music, as well as prayers for other occasions. Let us look at the new features of Gather Third Edition:

  1. The inside front cover includes a sponsor dedication. We will regularly ask parishioners to pray for those so honored at the Prayer of the Faithful.
  2.  The inside cover page (both sides of the front end paper) includes the main prayer texts for Mass, similar to what was included on the laminated pew reference cards.
  3. The book does not have page numbers. The sections, set of readings, psalms and hymns are individually and sequentially numbered. There may be more than one section per page, or a section may go over several pages.
  4. There are tabs on the right side of the pages that indicate different sections in the book.
  5. The Hymns board (on the front left column near the Mary side of the sanctuary) display the numbers of the sections that will be used that day. The first number is the section for the Readings of the Day; the following numbers are the hymns that will be used throughout the Mass.
  6. The general Order of Mass starts at section 166. This is the text that is used each Sunday and at other celebrations of Mass. If you are unfamiliar with Catholic Mass, start at this section to follow along with the service.
  7. At the part in the Order of Mass for the Liturgy of the Word (172), refer to the Readings of the Day, which start at section 990 for Advent. The first number on the Hymn board will be the section for the Readings of the Day.
  8. On Sundays, we read all of the Bible readings through a three-year cycle, labeled Cycle A, Cycle B, and Cycle C.  2021 is Cycle B during Ordinary Time. Readings start at 991. These are the parts that change daily. For Masses and services that are not held on Sunday, readings for those days start at 1194.
  9. The music for the Alleluia (before the Gospel) is at 173.
  10. After the homily (sermon), return to 174 in the Order of Mass to continue.