Religious Education

  • Family Faith Program
    9 a.m. Family Mass followed by class.
    Please read more about our Family Faith Program below.
  • Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (R.C.I.A)
    is an orientation and formation program for adults interested in becoming Catholic. This program begins every fall and culminates at the Easter Vigil Mass in the spring. If you are seeking answers to the faith or information regarding this program, please call the parish office at (718) 625-1177.
  • Adult Faith Formation
    The parish conducts regular classes, prayer groups and Bible study for those who would like to enrich their knowledge about the Catholic faith. Please contact the Rectory at [email protected] or call (718) 625-1177.


Family Faith Program



The mission of the Family Faith Program of St. Charles Borromeo Church is to proclaim to our children and their families the knowledge of the love of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit, to encourage prayer and a personal relationship with Christ, and to present the teachings of the Catholic faith. It is our hope that our students will develop a committed relationship with Jesus Christ and that through their active participation in our program, our students and their parents will become more faith-filled, more committed, and more involved Catholic Christians.


Our program is centered on the Eucharist and begins each Sunday with the 9:00 AM Family Mass. Our children are encouraged to participate actively in the Mass: serving on the altar, taking up the collection, bringing up the gifts, participating in the music and assisting in hospitality. Following the Liturgy, classes are held in the Mary McDowell School building, lasting approximately one hour. Throughout the year, seasonal celebrations and services are held for the students and their families based on our Catholic faith traditions. Opportunities for service are also offered periodically for the students and their families.


Our class for 4 and 5 year olds is a playgroup-style approach using various early childhood catechism programs designed to nurture and enrich the faith and spiritual lives of our youngest students. Parent participation is always welcome in this class


Using the Loyola Press “Christ Our Life” series, we teach the Catholic faith using a curriculum rich in Scripture content and based on the “Catechism of the Catholic Church” and other Church doctrines. Through family and parish participation in the spiritual development of our children, we hope to nurture faith, hope and love in our students and relate God’s message to their lives.



Students are prepared for their First Holy Communion and Reconciliation in the second grade, usually after a minimum of two years of religious instruction.

Parents of children preparing for first sacraments participate in special preparation classes during this year, from four to six sessions held while the children are in class.

The curriculum of the seventh and eighth grades begins the immediate preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. Reception of Confirmation is available to those students who have been faithful in attending Mass, have exhibited a commitment to volunteer service in St. Charles Borromeo parish and have learned the curriculum of the seventh and eighth grades. Confirmation is celebrated with the other churches in our area.


Students who have received the sacrament of Confirmation are offered the opportunity to serve as student teachers in the program.


Parents are the primary religious educators of their children. What an awesome responsibility! Our role as catechists is to help parents meet their solemn obligation. Our expectation in the Family Faith Program, therefore, is that all of our parents will become immersed with their children in on-going faith formation and participation in the Family Mass. Parents are urged to set aside time each week to review the materials presented in class, to enthusiastically help out with special at-home projects and to teach their children the basic Catholic prayers.

Parents are also encouraged to attend the various prayer services, social events, and sacramental celebrations held throughout the year. Family participation strengthens our parish community and sends a message to the children that faith is essential in our lives.

Tuition is $75 per student. Additional fees apply for First Communion and Confirmation students.

For further information, please contact Maureen Pond at [email protected].