Lenten Activities this Week

Eucharistic Adoration
Weekdays from 9 am – noon at the Church

The Crucifixion Lecture Series – Part 2
At Grace Church Brooklyn Heights (254 Hicks Street)
Continuing examining Fleming Rutledge’s book The Crucifixion, Chapters 2 & 3 on Justice.

Ignatian Spirituality Day Retreat
The Oratory Churches (St. Boniface & Assumption) have invited our parishioners to join them in a daylong retreat.

During the retreat we will explore Ignatian spirituality that is grounded in holy practices that resonate deeply in everyday life. It is a pathway to deeper prayer, to good decisions guided by keen discernment, and to an active life of service to others. Through guided and self-directed exercises, each retreatant will walk the spaces of her or his life recognizing Jesus’ presence and sanctification even in unexpected places. Retreatants are encouraged to bring journals, notebooks or sketchpads for our time together. The daylong retreat will be led by experienced retreat leader, Kaija DeWitt-Allen, M.A., Theology, University of Notre Dame. Kaija is Director of Campus Ministry at Xavier High School and Regional Coordinator for Contemplative Leaders in Action, a program for faith-formation among people in their 20s and 30s. Sign Up in advance is not required. All are welcome! No fee will be charged, but donations will be accepted.

Saturday, March 23, 9am-3pm in Newman Hall (111 Willoughby St) at St. Boniface.

Live Lent Faith Sharing Groups
Sunday at 8 am and 6 pm at the Rectory. Join in faith with your fellow parishioners before Mass.

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2nd Sunday of Lent – Look at the Stars


The first session of lecture, prayer and discussion on the Crucifixion met last Thursday. It was wonderful seeing members of St Charles and Grace Church praying and discussing a matter of our common faith so intently together. You may find the Podcast of the address and the music at our website here. I hope you will find the talk enlightening and the music uplifting, but the most valuable part of the evening was the discussion. This is the kind of topic which calls out for an examination from as many perspectives as possible. I hope that you will be able to attend next Thursday’s session at Grace Church and add your heart and voice to our Lenten journey.

(A question on Gnosticism arose at the meeting; you will find an excellent article on this at the end of this post.)

Fr. Bill and Rev. Dr. Allen F. Robinson, Rector of Grace Church Brooklyn Heights at “The Crucifixion” lecture on March 14.


I will be celebrating my 40th Anniversary of Priestly Ordination on Sunday, March 31st at the 11:15 AM Mass. I ask for your prayers and thank you for the tremendous affection and support you have shown me in my relatively brief time at St Charles. As this is Lent, there will be no reception or other commemoration. I expect to be alive for my 50th Anniversary and will have something then.

– Fr Bill


Second Sunday of Lent

Genesis 15:5–12, 17–18


Today we read a section from the 15th chapter of Genesis. It is the origin story of the Jewish people. Dating the portrayed events – much less separating fact from legend – is essentially impossible. Memories would have been passed down for a millennium before they were written down about 500 BC. Along the way they would have been influenced by historical events, theological assumptions, and real estate conflicts. What we shall see, however, is that the Jews could not understand themselves without prophecy and covenant.
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