Homily – 10th Sunday Ordinary Time

Let’s take a little stroll down memory lane. Think back. What is the first time you clearly remember getting into trouble? getting into trouble. Now, there are many reasons why one could get into trouble. I wouldn’t know, I only got in trouble once in all my life. I learned very quickly. But for example, when we got into trouble, did we try to lie our way out of it?

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Homily – Corpus Christi

Have you ever noticed that we as a people tend to think in threes? So if I say to you. Red, blue. Then I hear we have a discussion. Someone says white. Someone says yellow. Where are the yellow people? Primary colors red, blue and yellow. Who says white? Patriotic people. Red, white and blue. So sometimes there is going to be a fourth option.

So let’s try this again. If I say apples, oranges, you say bananas. Who say grapefruit? Bananas. Okay, we’re back to the fourth. One more. I’ve got to be right. At one point, Mo. Larry and. Okay, see, we finally came to three. The threes are very important for us as a people. Think of the number of times that we just think in threes.

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Homily – 7th Sunday of Easter

So, on this Mother’s Day for all of the mothers. But really, for all of the parents, since 2013, we have all heard one song over and over and over again. And children pretty much everywhere in the world have watched this movie over and over again.

They sing the lyrics, they dance to the song. It is heard, dare I say, ad nauseum. What is this song? What is the movie? Frozen. You guessed it. Let it go over and over again. Parents. Grandparents. Mothers. Everyone has heard the words. Let it go. And it’s very interesting that the main character of the movie, really the heroine of this story, sings it several times and she sings, let it go, let it go.

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