Homily – 7th Sunday of Easter

So, on this Mother’s Day for all of the mothers. But really, for all of the parents, since 2013, we have all heard one song over and over and over again. And children pretty much everywhere in the world have watched this movie over and over again.

They sing the lyrics, they dance to the song. It is heard, dare I say, ad nauseum. What is this song? What is the movie? Frozen. You guessed it. Let it go over and over again. Parents. Grandparents. Mothers. Everyone has heard the words. Let it go. And it’s very interesting that the main character of the movie, really the heroine of this story, sings it several times and she sings, let it go, let it go.

Can’t hold it back anymore. Let it go, let it go. A little while later she sings. Let it go, let it go I am one with the wind and sky I let it go, let it go. And then toward the end she sings. Let it go, let it go. And it will rise like the break of dawn. Let it go, let it go.

Very interesting. Let it go. Because actually that is the theme of our reading today. Just let it go. Now notice in the first reading we hear of the election of Mathias as the replace for Judas. But even more interestingly, we never hear about Mathias. His reaction? We don’t know. Did Mathias like being the elected new guy? Did he like the fact that the Holy Spirit chose him out of all of the other disciples to replace Judas?

We don’t know. Did he like Judas? Did he feel bad for Judas? We don’t know. All we know is that Mathias had to let it go. Let go of anything about which he was afraid. Let it go. Holding any resentment towards Judas. All of the disciples had in their hearts to forgive the betrayer. They had to let go of that hostility.

The fear, whatever it might be. Matthias had to embrace being the new apostle. Isn’t it interesting? Today we have to embrace our baptismal call. We have to let go of anything that holds us back from living the life of faith that we would have been given through water, and the Holy Spirit. Whatever our fear of proclaiming the gospel, let it go.

Whatever our resentment towards our neighbor, let it go. Whatever, in fact will keep us from proclaiming the love of Jesus. What do we have to do? Do you? You’re supposed to convince me you were listening. So what do we have to do? Let it go. And isn’t that what really is happening? In the second reading, we have from John’s letter, where he tells us very clearly that God is love and that Christ Jesus, through his passion, death and resurrection, came to proclaim that message to the world and that each and every one of us baptized in faith and confirmed in the spirit, is sent into the world to do nothing more than change the world.

Change the world to the love of Jesus Christ. Now, that might be something that we are afraid of. It might be something that challenges us to grow. It may be something that we really don’t want, but indeed, and in fact, through baptism, the fear we have to let it go. We are sent into the world to proclaim Christ Jesus.

And here we are this morning, gathered together to hear the Word of God so that we might go back into the world and proclaim this truth. Because we were baptized in spirit and in light. So we are called to change light darkness into light, fear into love. Are we ready this morning to let go of anything that prevents us from doing that?

Because in the gospel, Christ reminds us that we have been chosen from the world, that we are not part of the world, but we stand in the world in proclamation of truth and light, in the spirit of the risen Christ. And that in a moment we are going to come to the altar of the Lord, to be nourished on the Eucharist.

Our great prayer. And that’s where we find our answer. The passage from the gospel we have just heard is part of the priestly Prayer of Jesus. How was it that Mathias was able to embrace his calling as a new disciple? It was through prayer. How did the apostles elect Matthias? It was through prayer. How did they learn to forgive Judas?

It was through prayer. How do we learn to love one another and love our God? It is through prayer. So here we are. We are going to pray that great Eucharistic prayer that meets ordinary bread and wine change into the body and Blood of Christ. And once we have received the body and Blood of Christ, then we are sent into the world to change the world into the body and blood of Christ.

So what do we have to do today? Let go of anything that keeps us from this glorious change. It is truly amazing that the words of really a children’s song can reveal such a profound truth to us, because in the end, we are. We are this morning invited to let it go. Let nothing hold us back anymore. From the proclamation of Jesus Christ, risen from the dead.

Anything that holds us back. Let it go. And this morning we are called to let it go. To become one with creation. With the wind and the sky. With every gift that God has given us in the Holy Spirit. We must let it go. And this morning we must let it go. Just like we will rise at the break of dawn.

Like Christ Jesus rose from the dead at the break of dawn. And anything that keeps us from this glorious light. What do we have to do?

Again? You didn’t convince me you were listening. What do we have to do? So this Sunday morning, this Mother’s Day, where we have learned love so much from our mothers. Let us show that love of God and neighbor that we learned. Let us reverence our mothers this day through that gift. Let us let go of anything that holds us back from proclaiming Christ Jesus our risen Lord.

Let it go, because he is the same yesterday. Today, and forever. And we’re going to let it go in reverence to our mothers.

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All. This is the first born son since the first born after just.


And so we work together for three years. You are. But it’s very generous. Oh, very example of God our God. Is that so? One of the.

Things that you hear Jesus say to you over and over that God is love you, things that God.

Is doing. God loves each and one of us in a special way, and you know that you. Because the father.

Said the first.

Time father died for us and the son for us. So but when he goes to said the Holy Spirit, this shows us how much God loved those people, and because of you, because of him, that God will be in.

In your case, what is.

Yeah. The other thing that so father sees us and so with our human spirit is that every day people of other of God, for every one of us ever taken away from other absolutely God, no value of us. Because this there there is no power in love. goes no means because at the time, power of God was here.

We have to serve you. You have. God is love. And then we have to worry about and our that power is with us. And this will be. And it is. The death of Jesus gives God his father. He love them. Jesus is coming. You know so many in these who are powerful, all of them here.

And it is true that he created,

Jesus was so.

Only your father’s love that he suffered, died for us. So that we are here and now. We want to be. Yeah. So God’s love is in our to our home and in such a way.

So love by God really?

Is the towel.

Okay to be a partial to the powerful and just to be part of that? For God to love working. Which means that that love is selfish.

God, so that he sent his son so that he suffered.

God and here sacrifice carries out all the sacrifice and was created for nurturing. God is love, power of the greatest love of God.

That we sacrifice little us. We love, and that all of the very nature of God and Jesus Christ is to.

Love each other. So God that the way God our lives will to loved as Jesus well, if us and look out of love with. Each other, that doesn’t mean that we have that culture with Christ. That means us to live all that he us. God’s love is the service us and the friend of Jesus. And so the back belongs to everything about us.

This shift shows us how profound our relationship to the.

Trinity truly is, that God is love, that God is Father, son and spirit. And we need choice in what.

We have because of the name of God. Each and every one of us who called us of eternal life and call. And we love because they are a promise to be God’s children. World in love now. And so we have loved when we’re when we are in God’s Word. It’s life. And the early disciples in the church, as you hear.

It in the hands of the apostles.

We are surprised by the life of God. For that God love, he and every one he has been, that there is no love. Our God.

Is now, and we are waiting for the.

Jackpot that we must find God. So today do.

We love each and every one of those children created by God? And we show that at the 60th, okay, Jupiter and the disciples.

Were that God so loved the world that all who all people me say, yes.

All of you.

Have God for salvation each and every moment. Move on to that and say. In the community well and.

So we have to be involved. Shows us that God’s love.

Goes no national boundaries that they are.

To, that love doesn’t have to do with the.


There are no problems for those for today are God’s. Do we do this for other? For others?


Go here. Yes. Yes. Okay. The sacrament meeting for us. And we say God is love. And then we will go. We need to share.

Thank you that Jesus so loved the world that he suffered.

In the gospel.

John, we have to do that. There is to love one other as the father love us all that happiness, that joy, there is but commanded us to love. Jesus simply invites us to live a life of who love is.

Not only it’s about what it’s going to be joyful, and it’s to love you is. It’s about going out and being happy in. It’s going out and joyful.

And this life include joining us there.

And as followers of Christ, we are called.

To look out for the love of God, whether we are born again. Thank you for the day, each and every one of us, whether we have created or whether or not we have others. We are called to love genuinely because God is love and we are all children of God. Going out of the world.

So we are the just.

Yes, the version of us. I have something to shout no more.

Words that so please God. But God loves us all the same. We the children, for the children of the Lord.

And we in this world shall we ever have the love of God. And when we change the world, those of us who are.

Blessed, following for everybody, everywhere, all the God and the things will ever have. Be. But soon you a baby. You got a lot of action and can change the world to us. Peace, love.

You today as we go here.

You know God and let us share the love of God with all another. And let us through our word and compassion, reveal this more profound. That God.

Is love.