Homily – 13th Sunday Ordinary Time

Well, good morning once again to all of you. It’s great to be back for another weekend of masses here at Saint Charles. I’ll be here next weekend as well before I head back out west California to San Francisco. And I think some of you may know that I am a high school teacher out in San Francisco, and it’s something I absolutely love doing.

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Homily – 12th Sunday Ordinary Time

Good morning everyone. We welcome Kiah and Caleb here today to become new members of the Christian community. They have already been blessed by God with the gift of life. They’ve been blessed by the gift of loving parents and godparents. And today we will be receivers of the blessings which they already are. So welcome and welcome guests and family members and everyone else here today is welcome to Brooklyn Heights and a nice, heat wave that we’re in here.

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