5th Sunday Ordinary Time – Who Will Go For Us

Bishop’s Visit and Strategic Plan 
Thank you for all of your support for Bishop DiMarzio’s visit last Sunday!  We presented our strategic plan for the next three years, which was well received. Read a copy of the report that we presented at the following link:

St Charles PPC Strategic Plan Summary for Bishop


The Study of St Luke:

St Luke was a talented writer and used many literary devices to bring great depth to his Gospel and to the “Acts of the Apostles”. He writes on an epic scale, but keeps his story coherent by using references to other parts of his writings and to the Hebrew Scriptures.  Next week, we will look at his distinctive way of quoting from the Old Testament and himself. This week we will look at how he incorporates Mary the Mother of God into the very texture of his work. Continue reading “5th Sunday Ordinary Time – Who Will Go For Us”