Catholic Professionals Pre-Christmas Party

Pre-Christmas Party– Our Catholic Professionals are having a pre-Christmas party at the Rectory on Saturday, December 11 at 5 PM.Please let us know if you can attend and fill out the questionnaire here by December 4.

Name Change– A word about the name change. We decided to change the name of group from “Young Professionals” to “Catholic Professionals” to make it more reflective of the group and inclusive since many of us have different definitions of what young is.

Feedback Wanted – We would like to involve more people and want to hear what you are interested in. Please let us know by responding to a survey before December 11.

Christmas Gifts for Children

Our parish has several opportunities to give gifts to children this upcoming Christmas season:

Toy Drive: In what has been a strong ten-year tradition, we are partnering with the Custom House, to support the Catholic Charities toy drive. The toys and baby items collected will be brought together in a “toy store” for parents to choose which toys they think best for their children. Please place your toys in the rear of the Church.

Gift Cards: For the fourth year, we are working with HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services to provide gift cards for young people leaving foster care. This is especially important for those who have children themselves. You can give online or drop off a check in the collection box or with the rectory.

Support Families in Need:  HeartShare St. Vincent’s Services has:

120 families currently living in shelter;
500 families who are at risk of losing children to foster care; and
400 children living away from their parents in foster care.

Their everyday struggles are hard to comprehend. Let’s come together and bring joy to as many families within our community as possible this December. Join us, and sponsor one of our families.

Monks’ Bread Christmas Gifts

Fr. John Gribowich (now known as Fr. Philip Neri), who was in residence at St. Charles Borromeo for several years, is now a Trappist monk. His abbey’s specialty is bread and baked goods.

If you are interested in ordering any of their gift boxes for Christmas, Fr. Philip passed on a tip that their annual sale will be on “Cyber Monday” (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Please note you will need to sign up for their special offer emails in advance as the deals will available exclusively by email (you can do so by entering your email address in the Special Offer Emails sign-up on the bottom-right of

Monks’ Bread and Monks’ Specialty Bakery are works of the Trappist monks of the Abbey of the Genesee in Western New York. Manual work is an integral part of Trappist life. The bakery supports the monastery’s primary mission of prayer.

Monks’ offers a wide assortment of delicacies, including hand-baked Biscotti and Biscottini, rich Fruitcakes, savory Cheese Crisps, wholesome Fruit & Nut bars, Jams and Preserves, premium Nut Butters, and of course their famous Monks’ Bread.

Give of Yourself, Your Time, Talent, and Treasure

Last Sunday, Francis Chin, one of the parish trustees, provided an overview of the parish financials. We will soon distribute our annual report.  

Do you have a unique skill? We are always looking for talented parishioners to volunteer. Schedule an individual meeting with Fr. Smith to see how you can contribute.

Increased Offertory Program: We want to do more, but we can’t do it without your support. In order to make plans for these activities, we need to be able to make a reliable financial plan. Can you help?

Stewardship Renewal Cards
The stewardship renewal cards that Francis spoke about last week will be available in church this Sunday. We suggest that it may be easier to complete the online version,

1. Sign Up for Online Giving: Schedule your regular donations online automatically at

2. Increase Your Weekly Sacrificial Giving: Please give generously and proportionally within your means.

Mass Intentions for Week of October 24

Sunday, October 24
9 AM MassRemembered By
Lidia Vitale ✟Angel & Minsie Ampil
11:15 AM Mass Baptisms
Charles John Knapp
Charles Aloysius Revitte
1 PM Baptism
Emine Wood Gryskiwicz
Tuesday, October 26
8 AM MassRemembered By
Honore Burtt ✟Joan M. Burtt
Wednesday, October 27
12:10 PM MassRemembered By
For the Soul of John Sen Xing Lin ✟Lin Gao family
Saturday, October 30
12 PM Memorial Mass
Nancy Martinez ✟

The Masses celebrated at St. Charles Borromeo may be offered for your intentions–for any person or persons, living or deceased.To have a Mass offered for someone, please call or email the rectory.

27th Sunday Ordinary Time – Homily (Fr. Smith)

It is easy to read today’s gospel passage and its parallel in St. Matthew as primarily about divorce and remarriage, it is certainly relevant to this and given the context of its time, liberating, yet it may obscure its beautiful view of marriage.

Now, the obvious visual. I am a celibate priest who has never been married.

Indeed, a person who knows me very well said to me more than once, “Lucky the woman who missed you.”

You are supposed to laugh at that.

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