Thank You re: Migrant Information Session

On Monday, August 29, Catholic Migration Services and Catholic Charities Brooklyn and Queens hosted information sessions at our church for migrants who had been bused from the border. Volunteers from St. Charles Borromeo helped serve food and welcome the migrants. Channel 12 News covered the event, a clip can be watched here.

Below is a message of thanks from our pastor, Fr. Bill Smith:

I would like to thank everyone who helped with the workshop for people seeking asylum this past Monday. Whether you helped to set up or serve the food or chatted in Spanish with the families, you helped make a difficult moment a pleasant experience. Indeed, several young men who have been in New York for months told a parishioner, “This is the first meat I have had since coming to New York.”

We at St. Charles are not usually asked to host events for the Diocese because of our limited parking. We, as the Church in Brooklyn and Queens, will be needed to help the poor and disadvantaged in the coming months. Our easy accessibility by public transportation will give us the opportunity to host many more such events. As St. Luke recently reminded us, we are most Christian when we hold a banquet for the poor and marginalized. 

Mission Sunday Appeal

This Sunday is Mission Sunday. Bishop Sualsingh of Sambalpur, India will speak at our Masses. Sambalpur is in one of the poorest states in India. The 64,000 Catholics there face much persecution as well as pandemic-induced hardships.

We appreciate your prayerful and financial support of the Mission to educate children in the Catholic faith and keep the flame of our faith burning. Donations can be made through our online giving site (once there, click on the Second Collections button in the Home tab) or in next Sunday’s second collection.

Homily – 17th Sunday Ordinary Time (Fr. Smith)

It is often said that the family that prays together, stays together. This brings back memories of praying the rosary around my parent’s bed during May and October when I was a child. Members of our young family group have told me of their adaptations of family prayer. It is so important that Jesus recognized it and gave us the Lord’s Prayer as our “family prayer”. There is enough here for 5 sermons so we will limit ourselves to: how we are a family, what kind of family are we, and how will we know we are praying it well? 

We are a family because Jesus has made a covenant with us. A covenant is a sharing of life and is open ended. It is not a contract. A contract has definite stipulations that must be met, a covenant is a pledge to walk together. A covenant always requires a sacrifice. We commemorate this at every Mass which creates, as we say at the consecration, a “new and everlasting covenant”.  

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Sacred Sites Open House Recap

Last Saturday, we participated in the 12th Sacred Sites Open House. Ours was one of eleven churches in Brooklyn to be featured in the event.

It was an opportunity to celebrate our historic building as we opened the doors and welcomed our neighbors, friends, and visitors to share the architecture and history of our historic building. On a hot, humid day, several parish volunteers provided a warm welcome and offered a cold-water refreshment as guest toured the building.

We are honored to participate in the event for a fourth time and hope to be included in future events.

Family Fellowship Gathering Next Sunday

Our Family Fellowship group will meet on Sunday, July 31 at 10 AM for a family social gathering in the rectory garden. We will have snacks/drinks to share.

Please also mark your calendars for our upcoming gatherings. We will meet on Sunday, August 21 at 10 AM also in the rectory garden. Starting on September 11, we will meet regularly on the second Sunday of the month at 10 AM.

For more information about our group, please check out the article in Tablet in which we were featured: “At St. Charles, a Baby Boom Brings Parents Together in Fellowship.” The full article is available on our website, on a poster in the back of the church, and is excerpted below:

[T]here’s a new family fellowship in the church that’s specifically designed to bring parents of young children together to tell their stories, share advice and discuss raising their children in the Catholic faith.
At that first session, parents spent time discussing their choices for the best books with religious themes to read aloud to children, Father Smith said.