Family Fellowship Gathering Next Sunday at 10 AM

(photo: Paula Katinas; reprinted with permission)

Our Young Family Fellowship group will meet next Sunday around 10 AM (after the 9 AM Mass ends). Weather permitting, we will meet in the rectory backyard with snacks/drinks to share. Later in June, we will have our rescheduled talk with Susan Walsh, principal of St. Saviour Academy on Sunday June 26 at 10 AM.

For more information about our group, please check out the article in this week’s Tablet in which we were featured: “At St. Charles, a Baby Boom Brings Parents Together in Fellowship.” The full article is available on our website and is excerpted below:

[T]here’s a new family fellowship in the church that’s specifically designed to bring parents of young children together to tell their stories, share advice and discuss raising their children in the Catholic faith.
At that first session, parents spent time discussing their choices for the best books with religious themes to read aloud to children, Father Smith said.