Luke Bible Study Starts during Lent

Our next Bible study group will begin March 6, the first Sunday of Lent. We will study the Gospel of Luke, which is the source of many of the readings at Mass this liturgical year. Once again, we’ll use the Little Rock Scripture Books. There are two separate volumes.

For Lent (March 6 through April 10), we’ll cover the six lessons in the first volume, which comprises Luke chapters 1 through 11.  We’ll take a break for Easter then continue with volume 2 which covers Luke, chapters 12 through 24 in five lessons.  

We’d ask you to purchase your own copy of the book (or both volumes if you know that you want to participate for the full Gospel).

We will meet on Sundays at 5 PM via Zoom. We’d ask you to read the week’s lesson and look over the questions in the text beforehand. We’ll use the questions as a guide to our weekly discussions.

The book is available at in paperback for as low as $12.50. It’s available on Little Rock’s website in paperback for $16.95 or ebook for $12.99. 

We have enjoyed growing in our faith together by studying the Bible. We want to make this program as accessible as possible. If the cost of the materials is an issue for you, please let us know and we’ll help.  

Please sign up below if you are interested in participating and we’ll add you to the email distribution list. Please reach out to Kerin Coughlin, Mike McGowan, or the rectory if you have any questions.

Lenten 2021 Bible Study