Awakening Faith

Get your soul into shape – exercise your faith!

If this is you, you are not alone:

  • Too busy? Not been to church in a while?
  • Children asking questions about faith that you’re not sure how to answer?
  • Looking for an opportunity to explore your faith?
Awakening Faith may be just right for you! St. Charles Borromeo Church invites you to a six session series which includes topics such as “Spirituality: What’s the Buzz?”, “Can I Accept God’s Mercy?”, “Can the Mass Make My Life Meaningful?” and “The Church and Me.” Learn and ask questions… all in a friendly and confidential setting with fellow Catholics.
The Awakening Faith series will be conducted during Lent from March 13 through April 23, 2011. This special discussion series is free of charge.
Please RSVP for this event online here, or call the Rectory at (718) 624-1177.