Holy Week and Easter Schedule

Below is our Holy Week and Easter parish schedule:

April 5 – Palm Sunday
9 AM – Faith sharing group
11:15 AM – Mass 

April 8 – “Spy” Wed
Noon – Rosary  

April 9 – Holy Thursday 
9 AM – Morning prayer
7:30 PM – Vespers

April 10 – Good Friday 
9 AM – Morning prayer
3 PM – Stations of the Cross
7:30 PM – Stations of the Cross
St. Charles at Home (episode posted during the day) 

April 11 – Holy Saturday 
9 AM – Morning prayer
7:30 PM – Vespers

April 12 – Easter Sunday
9 AM – Faith sharing group
11:15 AM – Easter Mass  

Join our live public online events on Zoom Meeting ID 819 741 616 (https://zoom.us/j/819741616) or by dialing (646) 876-9923, entering 819 741 616, and pressing # and then # again when prompted for a participant ID. Recordings will be available at our website. We ask that you continue to read our parish emails and check the website for the most up-to-date information. If you do not get the emails, you can sign up on our website https://www.stcharlesbklyn.org

5th Sunday of Lent – Fr. Smith Homily

When I was growing up in Jackson Heights, many of my friends and neighbors were from India. They were slightly older and certainly more mature than I was, and I tried to keep up with them. Yet sometimes I did not understand what they were saying. They constantly used words like bowler – which I thought was a hat wicket – which I thought was a kind of small bush, and popping crease which totally mystified meI finally realized that they lived and breathe that most inscrutable sport, Cricket, and these were all technical terms. After I read an article from Encyclopedia Britannica – for younger people, this is what we had before Wikipedia – I could at least navigate the  conversation. 

This is the case with today’s Gospel passage. Unless we realize that everyone speaking about the resurrection is Pharisee we will be, at very least, very confused and possibly miss what Jesus is proclaiming.   Continue reading “5th Sunday of Lent – Fr. Smith Homily”

Message from Jane Olson, PPC

Hi all, for those I don’t know yet, I’m Jane Olson and I’ve been a member of St. Charles for a little over ten years.

In the below post, you’ll find Fr. Bill’s weekly commentary on the first reading from the Old Testament. I also wanted to draw inspiration from Ezekiel for this note. But, honestly, the Old Testament has never spoken to me the way the New Testament does (too much fire and brimstone, of which we have plenty these days). So, I moved on to the second reading from St. Paul’s Letter to the Romans. Bingo. “But if Christ is in you… the Spirit is alive because of righteousness.” (Rom. 8:10)

At this awful time with almost constant news of life and death, I am so grateful the spirit is alive — living and moving in our community, our parish, our families, and our friends. Those connections, the life of the Spirit, is how we know we’re not alone. Continue reading “Message from Jane Olson, PPC”