Homily – Palm Sunday

A brief thought for Holy Week. It really is a five act play.

The first act: triumph today, the day that Jesus enters Jerusalem. People hail him as King of the Jews.

Triumph Act 2: Holy Thursday. Gift. Jesus gives us the gift of His body and blood. The Eucharist, which we gather this morning to celebrate.

Day Three. Triumph and gift come together. The triumph of the cross. Jesus truly is the king on His throne. For us, the sign of our salvation gift. Because it is literally his body and blood given for us

Day Four. Holy Saturday. The gift of hope. The gift of Promise. Our sign of everlasting Life.

Day five at five. Resurrection and Triumph. Holy Week is a delicate balance of triumph and gift, the triumph of Christ Jesus, the gift of his body and blood and everlasting life.

As we go now to the Eucharist. Let us pray that throughout this Holy Week, we will follow the journey of the Lord truly in triumph. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday to the Lord’s Banquet, to the Lord’s gift of his body and blood, always rejoicing that Christ Jesus is gift and triumph.