Community Mass – Christ the King

Join us to worship together in person or online as we end the liturgical year. Mass times are 9 am, 11:15 am, and 7 PM EST on Sunday.

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Today’s readings will be from Cycle A.

Readings/Psalms: 1191

Entrance: The King of Glory – 572
Offertory: Like a Shepherd – 402
Communion: I Am the Bread of Life – 945
Closing: To Jesus Christ, Our Sovereign King – 573

The Gather 3rd Edition Hymnal/Missals are available for use in the church – they are at the ends of the pews. Please return the missals to the end of the pew after Mass. Instructions on how to use the hymnal missal are available here: .

Today’s readings are also available to read online at the USCCB website .