Parish Financial Report

The parish annual financial report is available on the parish website.

As Francis Chin summarized recently at Mass, our parish has been able to maintain its financial health during the pandemic and during extensive repairs and renovations of the church and rectory.

While the parish financial situation is positive, our current collections do not cover our weekly operating expenses. This means we must use rental monies to cover our costs, which is not a sign of a vibrant parish community. The rental monies the parish earns from leasing the school and rectory are earmarked to maintain and renovate the church building and the parish house which we would not otherwise have the funds to do. The renovation work is still very much in progress. That is why we need to bring in sufficient parishioner contributions to cover the costs of running the church, the parish house, and our spiritual and other programs. And these costs (heat, AC, cleaning, salaries, benefits) do increase each year.

Consider pledging to increase your financial support of the parish if you can by completing the stewardship form available online,, or in the pews. You can also contribute online through our parish e-giving site,