Monks’ Bread Christmas Gifts

Fr. John Gribowich (now known as Fr. Philip Neri), who was in residence at St. Charles Borromeo for several years, is now a Trappist monk. His abbey’s specialty is bread and baked goods.

If you are interested in ordering any of their gift boxes for Christmas, Fr. Philip passed on a tip that their annual sale will be on “Cyber Monday” (the Monday after Thanksgiving). Please note you will need to sign up for their special offer emails in advance as the deals will available exclusively by email (you can do so by entering your email address in the Special Offer Emails sign-up on the bottom-right of

Monks’ Bread and Monks’ Specialty Bakery are works of the Trappist monks of the Abbey of the Genesee in Western New York. Manual work is an integral part of Trappist life. The bakery supports the monastery’s primary mission of prayer.

Monks’ offers a wide assortment of delicacies, including hand-baked Biscotti and Biscottini, rich Fruitcakes, savory Cheese Crisps, wholesome Fruit & Nut bars, Jams and Preserves, premium Nut Butters, and of course their famous Monks’ Bread.