Young Professionals Meeting: Caravaggio and Catholic Art

Join us at the Young Professionals meeting on Tuesday 9/1 at 7pm for a discussion led by Alex Lerangis and Fr. John Gribowich on Catholic art, which will focus on Caravaggio across three broad topics:

  • Caravaggio as an artist: who he was, where he was raised/lived, when he lived, how he entered into painting, what part of society he operated in (e.g., who were his patrons), etc.
  • Caravaggio as a Christian: what we know of his upbringing in the Church, his relationship with the Church, why he decided to paint Christian subjects, etc.
  • Case Studies of a couple of his works (with Christian subjects): themes, style/technique, meaning, relevance to how we operate as Catholics today, etc.

As always this will be an interactive group discussion, so we encourage you to think about how art with Christian subject matter has played a role in your faith and/or any artists or works that are particularly meaningful to you.