Recording of Friday’s Prayer Service and Juneteenth Discussion

At Friday’s evening prayer service, St. Charles Borromeo commemorated the Sacred Heart of Jesus and also gathered together for Juneteenth. Fritz Cherubin Jr. spoke on the history of Juneteenth and offered suggestions for deeper exploration, including:

  • reflecting on what it would have been like for a slave in Texas to have heard the June 19, 1865 declaration;
  • reading more about Brooklyn Heights’ role in the abolition movement and the Underground Railroad; and
  • watching the documentation 13TH about modern-day mass incarcerations.

If you weren’t able to join, the prayer service was recorded and is available on our YouTube channel. Fritz’s remarks begin at this point. Following the June 5 prayer service on justice and equality, a number of parishioners reached out asking for suggestions on reading and viewing materials to explore these topics in more depth. Suggested materials, which cover the topics Fritz mentioned, are here.