Dedicated Mass in time of COVID-19 – Good Shepherd Sunday May 3, 2020


At this Mass, we remembered by name those who are ill and those that have passed away during this time of COVID-19. We also honored the first responders and healthcare workers at the forefront in addressing the pandemic.

For all those who are suffering at the hands of the coronavirus, and especially those in our community who are currently battling its ill effects:
1. Helima Ismael
2. John Johnson
3. Michael O Robinson
4. Sheldon Peters
5. Pauline Rubin
6. The residents of Mercy Homes, including one resident who has now passed, and its staff members

For essential workers, for all who are caring for the sick and for our healthcare heroes who are fighting the virus from the front lines with their selfless sacrifice and humble service, and especially:
1. Pei Chien
2. William Chien
3. Elizabeth Chin
4. Peter Fu
5. Zachary Lerangis

For those who we now raise up to You, who have died but remain close in our hearts:
1. The deceased members of the Amorello family and their surviving members.
2. Sha-King Sycho Arrindell
3. Alphonse Baldino
4. Donna Bragg
5. Isabella Brown
6. Jim Bruno
7. Fr. Adnel Burgos
8. Vanessa Burkett
9. Angel Campos
10. Steve Candiloro
11. George Caravakis
12. Thom Carr
13. Robert Caruso
14. Sal Caruso
15. Victor Cedejas
16. Francis Cheung
17. Susan Chuang
18. Neville Comrie
19. Pasquale Concessi
20. Javier Cordero
21. Arthur De Sola
22. Thomas De Stephano
23. Allen Edwards
24. Alberto Enzler
25. Agim Feti
26. Al Feti
27. John Freda
28. Marcus Fudge
29. Gloria Johnson
30. Sofia Johnson
31. James Kenney
32. Rev. Thomas Lamb
33. Chun-Huo Liu
34. Indarjit Maraj
35. Michael McCullough
36. Lincoln Menutti
37. John Stuart Mondello
38. Jimmy Murphy
39. Dan O’Neill
40. Fr. Jorge Ortiz-Garay
41. Mercedes Peralta
42. Jocelyn Quintero
43. Patty Rohme
44. Joan White Schmiedel
45. Stela Trifan
46. Patricia Turbee
47. Tony Whalen
48. Thomas Wong
49. The 49 residents of the Cobble Hill Health Center that have passed away and the staff that is caring for all those in the facility.