Update on Church Restoration

St. Charles Borromeo, Renato F. De Araujo, November 2009.

Below is an update on the church renovations prepared by Nick Strachovsky, our client representative at K.O.W. ARMA:

As spring approaches, our exterior renovation project is nearing completion. With warmer weather arriving in the upcoming weeks, some work that has been held can get started.

Work above the sidewalk bridge is well advanced. Masonry restoration work is nearly complete with some minor areas to touch up once the weather is on our side. All work at the top of the church is complete which is why the scaffolding was removed. Roof work is complete at the rear low roof on the north side of the church. Slate repair is in progress on the south side low roof. Gutter replacement work is almost done with minimal leader work remaining. All details have been worked out for the protective window system.

Stained glass repair is still in progress. Once complete the glazing system will follow. After the protective glazing is installed we should be looking toward removal of the sidewalk bridge. Once down there is some restoration work that remains at the 1st floor. The entry steps to the church are slated to be reset and straightened. As many have noticed, some of the fencing along Aitken Place has been restored. The remainder of the fencing along that side will be removed shortly to be restored as well. This is being coordinated with some repair work that is needed on the ramp.

We are awaiting a schedule update from the contractor so we can share some more precise timing on work being fully complete. We are coming into the home stretch. Bathroom work is now being coordinated for the interior. We are days away from Landmarks’ approval. There is still a bit of time left for review by the building department, but our team is ready to get started as soon as permits are in hand.