St. Saviour’s Academy

St. Charles is linked to St. Saviour’s School in Park Slope. I will be attending an open house this Tuesday, December 17 at 9 AM. St. Saviour’s was my first assignment as a Priest 40 years ago. I revisit older assignments rarely and I think this is my first time back in over 20 years. I hope that some of you may be able to join me. If you cannot, I will ask any questions you may have. So far, I have been asked to discover:

  1. How much is Prospect Park used, especially for athletic events?
  2. To what museums and other cultural activities are the students brought? Are they involved with any of the programs in the Brooklyn Museum?
  3. What kind of transportation can be arranged?
  4. How is it Catholic?
  5. What is the process for entering in middle school?
  6. What competitive high schools have the graduates attended?