Transition Team News, May 3, 2014

Dear Friends,

As was previously announced the two Brooklyn Heights Catholic Parishes, St. Charles Borromeo and Assumption of the Blessed Virgin mary are now working together to share resources in order to grow us as a unified Catholic Brooklyn Heights community.

Fr. Ed, currently the Pastor at St. Charles Borromeo will be the administrator of both parishes and responsible for overseeing both Pastoral and Sacramental duties. Fr. Jim, Pastor of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary will be moving on to his new assignment at the end of June. This collaboration between both parishes will result in changes in how we manage many aspects of this on-going effort. Both Churches will remain open. As members of the parish transition team we are committed to keeping each parish vibrant, active and growing.

This transition is being initiated as a resul tof the priest shortage that is well documented and the subject of much debate. During this process, volunteer members from both parish communities have been planning to ease this process and assisting Father in this challenging transition. We as members of the transition team are trying to balance the needs of both parishes and are faithful to keeping both locations viable and energized as a faith community.

Father will be given an additional priest to help cover the masses that are currently scheduled between the two parishes. Arrangements are being solidified to help Fr. Ed meet the necessities that each parish has come to expect. Once the final details are worked out, we will announce the priest who will be contributing to our community.

In order to continue to meet the spiritual needs for both locations there needs to be recognition that the realities of the available resources warrant changes. There are many questions and procedures as to how it will work out and we are seeking your input.

Next week we will ask you to participate in a survey regarding Mas schedules for both parishes. We are asking for your opinion so that you are involved in this collaboration. You will be able to participate in the survey either on-line or paper submission that will be collected at the end of the Masses.

Below are the proposed Mass Schedule changes involving both parishes that would be implemented beginning in September 2014. We are trying to make the necessary adjustments without having to be too inconvenient to you and your schedules.

St. Charles Borromeo

Mon thru Fri weekly 12:10 Mass (no change)
Sunday 8:30 am (currently 9 am)
11:15 am (currently 10:30 am)
7:00 pm (no change)

Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Mon thru Fri weekly 8:00 am (no change)
Sat 5:00 pm (no change)
Sun 10:00 am (no change)
(the 12:15 Mass will no longer be offered)


Once again, we want to reiterate that we as committee members are committed to the task of keeping both parishes open and actively seeking to increase the attendance and programs that we can offer to our members and others as a faith community.

Listed below are the members of the transition team. If you would like additional information, we welcome your input.

Sincerely yours,

The Transition Team

Tom Amon, Patricia Briggs, Bob Buckholz, Kerin Coughlin, Fr. Ed Doran, Alex Gallardo, Fr. Jim King, Chris Leykam, Mary Macchiarola, Philip Murray, John O’Malley, Maureen Pond, Michael Towers