Update from Fr. Smith on Ash Wednesday

Wed. Feb. 17
12:10 PM – Mass (will be streamed live and posted online for later viewing)
5 PM – Service

Ash Wednesday will look different this year. To protect everyone, we will distribute ashes the “Roman Way.” In the city of Rome and most of Europe, a cross is not drawn on the head with ashes but rather sprinkled on the head (see above illustration by parishioner Eduardo Crespo). While there is great witness value of making a visible cross, the “Roman Way’ will help to keep us all safe during the pandemic. At both our Ash Wednesday Mass and Service, the distribution of blessed ashes will be at the dismissal. We will follow the same procedure as the reception of Holy Communion to maintain social distancing.

Please remember that you can attend Mass on Ash Wednesday and not receive ashes. It is what is in your heart that matters. I will remain in the Church after the Mass for about 30 minutes after Mass. Ashes will not be distributed on an individual basis at any other time; however, the church will remain open for private prayer until 2 PM.

Please help us spread the word about our Ash Wednesday schedule and the distribution of ashes as we don’t want people trudging over in the cold to find a locked door. Ash Wednesday is usually a busy day where people come throughout the day to receive ashes. However, we will not be able to accommodate that this year due to the pandemic.

In Christ,
Fr. Bill Smith