Advent Bible Study Group

We are pleased to announce that, for the four weeks of Advent this year, we will be having a Zoom Bible Study Group. We think this will be a wonderful way to truly experience Advent and prepare ourselves for Christ’s coming.

We will be “meeting” on Sunday evenings at 5 PM on November 29, December 6, December 13, and December 20. Each session will be approximately 1 hour long.

We will use the Panorama of the New Testament study guide published by Little Rock Scripture Study, which is recognized as a leader in assisting Catholic parishes encounter the Bible for over 40 years. The materials are written by respected Catholic biblical scholars and include short video lectures to reinforce the lessons.

As the title of the study guide, Panorama of the New Testament, suggests, these sessions will provide a broad overview and are perfect for folks whose only experience with the Gospels is hearing them proclaimed at Sunday Mass. We’ll start with the Gospel of Mark for the first week, focus on the Gospel of Matthew in the second week, and then cover the writings of Luke (week 3) and John (week 4). Our hope is to continue the Bible study program in the future where we will conduct closer readings of these and other Biblical texts.

We’ll provide you with the study guide and ask you to read the relevant portions beforehand, look over the questions in the text, and then we’ll use the questions as a guide to our weekly discussions. In order to help defray the cost of the materials, please contribute $5 toward the purchase of the study guides, which will be yours to keep.

Please reach out to Kerin Coughlin, Mike McGowan, or the rectory if you have any questions. You can sign up for the Advent Bible Study group below.

Advent 2020 Bible Study