Reflections from Our Confirmation Class

Photo by Olivia Snow on Unsplash

The Confirmation Class of 2020 has continued their preparation for the sacrament throughout the lockdown. Today we are sharing some of their reflections on how being unable to participate in the Mass has affected them:

Although we are not able to attend Mass during these times, which makes me feel disconnected from God and my faith, I feel very close to my family and I am spreading my love through them.
– Nicholas N.

While it makes me sad to not be able to receive Communion, I know that God will be with me if I pray and stay with my family. And I know we will be a part of the sacrament of Eucharist soon.
– Lillianna I.

Being separated from the Eucharist at this time makes me feel separated from Church and God. It also makes me feel alone from our Church community. However, I know God is always with us.
– Jack K.

Being separated from the Eucharist is difficult for me because usually, it helps me stay connected with my Church community.
– Madeline M.

It makes me feel more alone in a strange way. Like something is missing, or there’s something I should be doing.
– Rose A.

Throughout this period of self-isolation I have definitely felt an emptiness somewhere inside me that I believe stems from a prolonged period of time of separation from the food of the soul.
– Gabriel T.