The Power of Prayer – Maria Marti

Wash your hands…Wear a mask…Maintain six feet of distance…Avoid crowds…Watch daily updates by Governor Cuomo on the confirmed cases…Isolate…Quarantine…Lockdown… Zoom… Skype… Home school…Work from home…Closures of non-essential businesses.   Most of us cannot truly find the words to describe our new reality.

In the midst of all of this uncertainty, we have also witnessed the wonders and blessings of God.  We see how medical professionals attend to coronavirus patients.   Catholic charities provide emergency assistance and food.  We comfort our loved ones, neighbors, and parishioners by connecting and reaching out.   “I believe that I shall see the Lord’s goodness in the land of the living.” (Psalm 27:13)

At St. Charles Borromeo, we know that we belong to a community that cares.  In addition to the Masses and parish events, we have a sense of resolve.  Through faith,  we join our talents to serve and give.  We stay true to our commitment to each other by volunteering, making calls, serving as lectors, and donating our time and money.  But perhaps the most important thing we do as Christians and as a Catholic church is to recognize the power of prayer.

I recently reflected on what happens when I pray.  When I share my worries and fears in prayer, I immediately feel protected.  Prayer offers me a cloak of safety and security.  In a physical sense, my breath deepens.  In an emotional sense, my mood changes from fear to calmness.  Spiritually, I feel closer to a solution of whatever is troubling me.

What sustains me is the basic act of asking God for help.  I pray so that I feel less alone and isolated.  I pray for the well-being of our families both at home and at Sidney Place.  I pray for those who  have lost their lives and livelihoods.  I pray for our doctors, nurses, first-responders,  grocery workers, transit workers, and the others who have to face this virus’ wrath and cannot work from home.  I pray and I hope for peace, calm, courage and clarity.

I ask you to pray with me.

In gratitude for my blessings,
Maria E. Marti