Next Book Discussion Starts on Thursday

Join us on Thursday at 7:10 PM as we start the discussion of a new book, The Guardians of Mercy by Terence Ward. Revealing how art can play a role in conversion, the author examines Caravaggio’s The Seven Acts of Mercy. The discussion will be led by Fr. John Gribowich, who wrote his master’s thesis on Caravaggio.

Below is the discussion schedule:

  • June 4th – Introduction to Caravaggio
  • June 11th – Part 1, “In Exile” and Part 2, “The Seven Acts of Mercy,” Feeding the Hungry (pages 1-44)
  • June 18th – Part 2, “The Seven Acts of Mercy,” Sheltering the Homeless and Clothing the Naked (pages 45-86)
  • June 25th – Part 2, “The Seven Acts of Mercy,” Visiting the Prisoners and Water to the Thirsty (pages 87-119)
  • July 2nd – Part 2, “The Seven Acts of Mercy,” Burying the Dead and Healing the Sick (pages 119-156)
  • July 9th – Part 3, “The Reward” and Epilogue (pages 157-183)

The book is available in print and e-book formats. Amazon has it for sale at this link. Fr. John will provide an introduction to Caravaggio at this Thursday’s session, so don’t worry if your copy doesn’t arrive in time.

If you would like to plan ahead, we’ll be reading Field Hospital: The Church’s Engagement With a Wounded World by William T. Cavanaugh once we finish The Guardians of Mercy. Field Hospital is inspired by the pastoral vision of Pope Francis, and has chapters entitled: “Are Corporation People? The Corporate Form and the Body of Christ” and “Actually, You Can’t Be Anything You Want (and It’s a Good Thing Too).” A serious, but fun, read!