Church Restoration Update

Below is an update on the church renovations prepared by Nicholas Strachovsky, our client representative at ARMA:

Like most of New York, work on the church has had to pause given the coronavirus pandemic. Fortunately, work above the sidewalk bridge at Aitken and Sidney is days away from completion.

The work that remains is the re-installation of a few sections of stained glass that were sent offsite for restoration. Once installed the remainder of the protective glazing can be installed and shed removal will move forward. Most of the glazing is complete.

Once the sidewalk shed is removed, the first floor restoration will move forward. This will include the resetting of the front steps, cleaning and repair of any 1st floor brick, and some repair of the ramp on the Aitken side of the building.

As we wait for the exterior work to resume, the interior bathroom project is in process with the Department of Buildings. We anticipate approval for that work from the city in the next few weeks pending any delays in final review from the current situation. We will keep the parish up to date as the situation evolves.

Happy Easter to all and please stay safe and healthy.

Nicholas Strachovsky
ARMA Development Consultants