Church Renovation Update

St. Charles Borromeo, Renato Araujo, November 2009.

Below is an update on the church renovations prepared by Nick Strachovsky, our client representative at K.O.W. ARMA:

Progress on the exterior has been moving along well the past few months.  The brick repair is in final stages. The chimneys have been repaired and new chimney caps are in place. The sandstone above the sidewalk bridge has been restored. Cleaning of the bricks and brownstone is in progress.  The slate roof repair is complete with the exception of patching around the gutters. All work at the tower is complete and the scaffolding has been removed. The flat roof work and parapet repair is in progress.  

Exterior stained glass cleaning and putty replacement is mostly complete. All exterior window woodwork restoration is complete. The stained glass windows will be covered by protective glazing. The final details are being reviewed for the protective glazing fabrication to begin. Once protective glazing installation is complete, the remainder of the sidewalk bridge can be removed. Once the remaining scaffold is removed, the exterior repair below the bridge will  be completed and step resetting will commence.  

Plans for the interior bathroom work are being filed this week for DOB review. The bathroom work is anticipated to begin within the next few weeks.