May Construction Update

Happy Spring everyone! While work has continued throughout the winter, the warmer weather will now allow the work to dramatically increase. Masonry work is in progress with brick pointing continuing forward. Stone restoration is scheduled to begin in the next few weeks.

Originally the gutter was scheduled to be repaired. Upon further investigation it was in poor shape and full replacement is necessary. The support framing below the gutters have been mostly completed and we are awaiting detail approval to begin the actual gutter replacement. This is anticipated in the next week or two.

Several of the louvers near the top of the tower were in poor condition and required support to strengthen their attachment to the building. After exhaustive investigation that would satisfy Landmarks requirements we are very close to a solution. Once that work is completed partial removal of the highest level of scaffolding is not far behind.

Other tower work is moving along quickly and should be completed soon. Roof work will take place once all of the gutter replacement and upper masonry work is complete. The work for stained glass is being awarded with work to begin shortly. Details are being finalized for the protective window covering and will follow glass and wood repair. Window wood repair is restarting now that the weather has started to warm.

Interior bathroom design is underway. Layouts have been selected and detailing is underway. We should have enough information to receive specific estimates shortly and drawings are being prepared for filing. Once this is approved work will begin.

In the next few weeks please expect a flurry of activity. As always all project team members will remain cognizant of the neighborhood and parishioners and work with all to keep disruption to a minimum.

Proposed plans for interior bathrooms (click on images to enlarge picture):

Thank you.

Nicholas Strachovsky, LEED GA

KOW Building Consultants

Parish Construction Representative