Construction Updates

We wanted to provide an update on the time frames for construction work in the parish. We will update on a weekly basis.  – Fr. Smith


Now: Erecting of Scaffolding.

From: Aug 15th


Power line: One will be run from the church to the scaffolding. It will be mostly out of sight and certainly out of reach.

Shed: A facility for the workers to shower. This shed will remain up for several months. If it is placed along the fence in the garden, the flowers and other plants will need to be moved to the Rectory Garden by Aug. 19th. If not it will be placed in the parking area with the loss of secure parking.

Repair work:

Where the church has been painted red: Sections of the Church will be wrapped in plastic. The paint will be removed, the brinks inspected and then repaired if necessary.

Where the brink was painted white: A net will be set on the scaffolding and the brick inspected and if necessary repaired.

Interior: Some work needs to be done in the Church Boiler room, this may cause some noise but will not interrupt Mass.

General Prognosis: The exterior of the church should be completed by Independence Day, 2018.


Parish Center/Rectory

Office: The Parish office has been returned to 31 Sidney Place.


Now: Sufficient power has been restored to the building that Fr Anselmus and I have been able to return to the living quarters of the Rectory. Msgr Lo Pino should return shortly. The damage directly caused by the electrical fire has been mostly repaired and will be covered by our insurance.


  • Problems with the workmanship in the most recent installation: The fire revealed that much of the actual work done in the renovation of the building was not what was ordered and reported. We are presently looking at the options which range from a complete rewiring to targeting the more serious lapses. Several plans have been designed and are being reviewed by an independent electrical engineer. How much of this will be covered by insurance will be a matter for negotiation and, possibly, litigation. In any event the building will not be reopened until safety can be assured,
  • Items which were not part of the original renovation: While the building is being worked on we are looking at possible improvements. Most specifically we hope to install a fire alarm that will be connected to the general alarm system and a more efficient water heater.

General prognosis: The repair work should be completed by Labor Day but the negotiations for repayment will be ongoing.