Message from Bishop DiMarzio

The United States Bishops in their November meeting spent time on important issues like the situation in Haiti and the Philippines, matters of worship, service to the poor, immigration reform and religious freedom.  The Bishops, in the past, have often spoken in favor of health care reform for all people.  In their November statement on the recent health care reform, the Bishops again affirmed that “the Catholic Church has long been a provider of, and advocate for accessible, life-affirming health care.”  The Bishops also said that the US government however “is refusing to uphold the obligation to respect the rights of religious believers.”  They went on to say: “despite our repeated efforts to work and dialogue toward a solution.  The mandate (which is part of the Affordable Care Act) undermine(s) our ministries’ ability to witness to our faith…”  The Bishops pledge that “we will continue our efforts in Congress and especially with the promising initiatives in the courts to protect the religious freedom that ensures our ability to fulfill the Gospel by serving the common good.”
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