Masses for the Week

Sunday, April 25 – Fourth Sunday of Easter
9:00 Connie Garbanzos
Requested by Concepcion Garbanzos
10:30 Parish Children Making First Communion
Requested by Fr Ed

7:00 Deceased Priests of the Diocese of Brooklyn
Requested by Fr Ed

Monday, April 26 – Easter weekday

12:10 Thanks to the Saints in Heaven
Requested by an anonymous donor

Tuesday, April 27 – Easter weekday
12:10 John Brinker
Requested by Catherine Brinker

Wednesday, April 28 – Saint Peter Chanel
12:10 Howard Hayes
Requested by Victor Mannurino

Thursday, April 29 – St Catherine of Sienna
12:10. AIdo Nicoletta
Requested by the Kenny Horowitz

Friday, April 30 – Saint Pius V
12:10 Clemente Alcudia
Requested by the family