Diocesan Strategic Planning Process

Fr. Ed asks all of us to provide input into our Diocesan Strategic Planning Process.
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Christ Jesus, Our Hope, A Diocesan Strategic Plan for Renewal, has begun in the Diocese of Brooklyn. Part of this process invites each parish to consider its own future, but to do so in light of the larger diocesan church. As parishioners and parish leaders engage in a critical reflection on the current and future life of their parish, a broader understanding of the challenges faced by the entire Diocese is also needed.

To this end, the Planning Commission for Christ Jesus, Our Hope will issue a four-part Diocesan Report beginning on Friday, April 16, 2010. Each week will examine a different aspect of diocesan life. Part One presents the overall pastoral life of the diocese, including an examination of sacramental celebrations, Mass attendance, and faith formation. Subsequent reports will look at finances, demographics, and parish leadership. If you wish to read the entire text for Part One of the Report, please visit www.ChristJesusOurHope.com. A summary of Part Two will also appear in this weekend’s edition of The Tablet.